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Coverage! Winter School Sports Meeting!

XIT 2023/11/18 Readings:136

"Come on, athletes!"

The 4th Sports Meet of Xiangtan Institute of Technology

and the 12th Athletics Meet of Hunan Geely Automobile College

November 16th, 8:30 am

Grand opening on the athletics field

This sports meet, themed "Civilization, Friendship, Struggle, Progress," aims to promote the spirit of "Struggle, Progress, Friendship, and Mutual Help." With the enthusiastic opening speech of the host and the uplifting melody of the "Athlete's March," the fancy formation parade made a stunning appearance. With confidence and vigor, they entered the competition venue, showcasing the youthful vitality.

Chen Qian from the Marketing 2101 class and Chen Rong from the Chinese 2305 class represented all the athletes in the oath, expressing their commitment to follow discipline, obey commands, abide by referees' decisions, persist in the competition, strive for progress, demonstrate style, achieve a high level, and produce results. They pledged to be qualified athletes with morals, qualities, unity, and civility.

"We will resolutely obey the chief referee's command, strictly abide by the competition rules and the referees' discipline, adhere to our responsibilities, be fair, just, and open, respect the participating athletes, and provide good conditions for them to achieve excellent results. Finally, I wish all athletes outstanding achievements, and I hope this sports meet is a complete success!" said He Bei, representing all referees from the Department of Public Sports.

Zhao Chan, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, delivered the opening speech on behalf of the two schools. She emphasized the dream of a strong nation and national rejuvenation carried by sports. For the country and the nation, sports are important symbols of social development and human progress, reflecting comprehensive national strength and the level of social civilization. For individuals, sports are the basic premise for a strong physique and a healthy life, an important way to shape character and cultivate spirit.


Focusing on the construction of a sports powerhouse, the two schools jointly held this sports event with the theme "Experience Friendship, Express Emotion through Competition." She encouraged students to step onto the field, embrace nature, enjoy the joy of sports, ignite the courage to strive for the best, and understand the meaning of mutual assistance and win-win. Through knowledge and action, improve personal qualities and abilities, and become pillars of the nation.

Ma Weiping, the Vice President of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, announced: "The 4th Sports Meet of Xiangtan Institute of Technology and the 12th Athletics Meet of Hunan Jili Vocational and Technical College is officially open."

Heads held high, full of vitality,

Marching in perfect step, exuding youthfulness,

Teams from all levels formed on the athletics field,

Welcoming the opening of the sports meet.

Flag-Team formation,

Holding the national flag, bearing heavy responsibilities,

Marching with firm steps, dignified and solemn.

Flower formation,

Colorful flowers, overflowing with youthful vitality,

Offering to the grand event, full of sincere wishes.

Red flag formation,

Dazzling colorful flags, fluttering in the wind,

Boosting morale, inspiring hearts.

Representative Team from the School of Foreign Languages,

"No pain, no gain,

We're on the way."

Representative Team from the School of Digital Technology,

"High ambitions, breaking through the wind and waves,

Digital technology, overcoming all obstacles."

Representative Team from the School of Automotive Engineering,

"The School of Automotive Engineering, striving for success,

Soaring like a kun, rising straight up."

Representative Team from the School of Humanities and Arts,

"Conveying wisdom through literature, strengthening the body through physical activity,

Working together, bravely climbing to the summit."

Representative Team from the School of Business,

"Managing the world, guiding the realm,

Taking one step at a time, thriving in the world."

Representative Team from Tanzhou Academy,

"Sailing and cutting through the waves,

The academy's appearance, shaking the eight directions."

Silhouette on the competition field,

Blood boiling, go!

In position, ready to run!

The gunshot, arrows leaving the bowstring,

Adjusting breathing, grasping the rhythm,

Bravely forging ahead.

Feel the sunshine, feel the wind,

Sweat pouring, footsteps never stop,

Life's journey is like this,

Breathing heavily but not easily giving up.


Xiao Yutao,

Athlete, School of Humanities and Arts, Chinese 2212 class,

Awarded in Women's 1500m, first place.

Xiao Yutao achieved first place in the Women's 1500m group stage with a time of 6 minutes, 15 seconds, and 66 milliseconds. She was surprised by her performance and said, "Before the match, I thought about giving up, but in university, I want to challenge boldly, not leaving regrets for myself!" Despite a foot injury before the match, she bravely moved forward in the endurance race.


Huang Xiangwang,

Athlete, School of Digital Technology, Information Science 2212 class,

Awarded in Men's 3000m, first place.

"11 minutes, 17 seconds, 14 milliseconds!" Huang Xiangwang from Information Science 2101 class won the Men's 3000m for the second consecutive year. The determination to win was the key to his success. "Running three kilometers is not easy; it requires speed, endurance, good strategy, and rhythm." He thanked the school for its emphasis on sports. "The sports events organized by the school have added color to my college life, giving me a platform to showcase myself. Thanks to Xiangtan Institute of Technology!"


Luo Zhiming,

Athlete, School of Automotive Engineering, Automation 2301 class,

Awarded in Men's High Jump, first place.

Luo Zhiming from Automation 2301 class participated in the high jump in this sports meet. He achieved first place with a height of 1.57m. He was very satisfied with his performance, as it was the highest jump he had ever made. As this was Luo Zhiming's first sports meet in college, a positive mindset and the support of friends on the sidelines significantly boosted his confidence. He also wanted to pass on this confidence and wished the upcoming athletes to showcase their strength!


Chen Huan,

Athlete, School of Business, Marketing 2101 class,

Awarded in Women's Long Jump, first place.

In the long jump event, Chen Huan from the Business Administration 2301 class achieved first place in the Women's Long Jump Group B with an excellent result of 3.67m. She shared, "Mastering your own rhythm and taking deep breaths are the key to winning." More important than the final ranking is having a platform to shine in her field of expertise.


Ready, set, throw!

Standing still, gathering strength,

Fluid and coordinated movements, determined gaze,

Locking onto the target, seamless execution,

Drips and drops, revealing everyday efforts.

Harnessing the full-body strength,

Flexibility and stability intertwined,

Deep breaths, breaking free from past troubles,

Looking ahead, casting hopes for the future.


Tang Jia

Athlete, School of Foreign Languages, English 2025 class

Awarded in Women's Shot Put, first place

"I have once again broken the record and won the Women's Shot Put for the third consecutive time!" This is the third time Tang Jia, a student from the English 2025 class, has participated in the Women's Shot Put, and it's also her third time winning the championship in this category. This time, she threw a distance of 8.49 meters, "50cm more than my previous best record." In addition to preparing for the competition, she engages in various other sports exercises, such as basketball and running. She emphasized, "These are the key factors that contribute to my good performance in official competitions." Proud of her achievements, she expressed the hope to see future students surpass her and break her records.


In Seamless Cooperation, We Brave Together!


You in front, I behind,

Speed and cooperation undergo multiple tests,

Division of labor, relay baton passed hand in hand,

United and fearless, we face challenges together.

Tang Fengfeng

Athlete, School of Humanities and Arts, New Media 2201 class

"In relay races, teamwork and cooperation are crucial." Several students from the School of Humanities and Arts secured the first place in the 4x100m relay race. Tang Fengfeng from the New Media 2201 class, who ran the last leg, shared their winning experience.


Collaboration with One Heart, Marvelous!

Warming up, showcasing individual charm,

Navigating obstacles, sprinting against the wind on the track,

The finish line is clearly visible,

Cheers and shouts from the team resonate in the ears.


Chen Qian

Athlete, School of Business, Marketing 2101 class

"I believe the key to a relay race is the smooth handover of the baton." Chen Qian from the Marketing 2101 class shared his experience after the 20x50m relay race. The teachers from the School of Business attached great importance to this sports meet, organizing multiple practice sessions to ensure they had sufficient coordination, saving a considerable amount of time for the competition. "National fitness is about having fun. The sports meet makes us feel physically and mentally joyful." The charm of team sports lies precisely in this.


On-Site Report

Successful Closing Ceremony

November 17th, 5:00 pm

The 4th Sports Meet of Xiangtan Institute of Technology in 2023

and the 12th Athletics Meet of Hunan Jili Vocational and Technical College

Closing ceremony on the athletics field

Here, it's a clash of speed and passion,

Also a collision of friendship and cooperation.

Life becomes splendid because of sports,

XITers passionately striving on the field,

Vividly interpreting the spirit of "One Hour of Exercise Every Day."


Let's together put a perfect punctuation mark

on this grand event

and sound the horn for a new journey!