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1、 Registration address:

Personnel Department, 3rd Floor, Teaching Building 1, Xiangtan University of Technology, Tanzhou Avenue, Jiuhua National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province (near Xiangtan North Station of the Shanghai Kunming High speed Railway), contact number: 0731-52780977.

2、 Registration related information:

1. Original and two copies of ID card;

2. One original and one photocopy of the highest education (degree) certificate;

3. One paper copy of the electronic record form for academic qualifications on the China Academic Degrees and Information Technology Network;

4. The onboarding physical examination report form includes the following items: (1) facial features, (2) blood pressure, (3) chest X-ray, (4) liver function, (5) blood routine, and (6) electrocardiogram. (If there is an original medical examination report within one year, there is no need to undergo a re examination);

5. Proof of resignation from the company (not required if there is no work experience);

6. One original and one photocopy of other qualification certificates.