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Recruitment notice for Xiangtan University of Technology in 2023

1、 College Introduction

Xiangtan Institute of Technology is located in the Jiuhua Economic Development Zone of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, at the central node of the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Dahexi Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. It is the first ordinary undergraduate university in Hunan Province to complete the transformation of an independent college with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is a joint training unit of the Geely Postdoctoral Research Workstation of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Xiangtan Institute of Technology was formerly known as Beijin College of Hunan University of Technology, established in 2001. At the beginning of its establishment, the college was located on the beautiful banks of the Xiangjiang River, within the historic city of Beijin, which was the capital of the feudal lords during the Western Han Dynasty in Changsha. In 2018, with the care and support of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Government, and in accordance with relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, Hunan University of Technology and Geely Group cooperated to establish the North Tianjin College of Hunan University of Technology. In 2019, the Xiangtan Campus of Beijin University was completed and officially opened in September, welcoming the first batch of new students. In June 2020, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Beijin College of Hunan University of Technology was transformed into an independent ordinary undergraduate school and renamed Xiangtan Institute of Technology, with the nature of a private non-profit ordinary university.

Xiangtan University of Science and Technology plans to cover an area of 1200 acres, with seven major disciplines including science, engineering, economics, management, law, literature, and art. It offers 35 undergraduate majors with over 10000 students enrolled, targeting 17 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country.

Xiangtan University of Technology attaches great importance to comprehensive quality education for students. In the autumn of 2021, the college established the Tanzhou Academy to study, research, and disseminate the Hunan culture, and explore the college system model of student management. Tanzhou Academy implements the CFAP applied talent training model, strengthens general education, and uses excellent traditional culture to cultivate talented individuals who can shoulder great responsibilities in the new era.

Standing at the historical starting point of the new era, the college will adhere to putting moral education and talent cultivation first, with the strategic goal of serving the real economy and the "Two Centenary Goals". It will learn and draw on the educational experience and management models of globally renowned universities such as the California Institute of Technology and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, comprehensively connect with strategic emerging industries with the characteristic of industry education integration, focus on "new engineering" and "new business", and closely focus on the forefront of industry and technology, Make every effort to build a new type of international applied university with excellent quality brand, outstanding scientific research capabilities, and excellent academic reputation.

2、 Basic conditions

(1) Support the leadership of the CPC, love the motherland, and abide by the Constitution and laws;

(2) Physical and mental health, upright conduct, and physical conditions to perform job duties normally;

(3) Passionate about the education industry, with a strong sense of responsibility and educational sentiment, good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, recognizing the school's values and concepts, and willing to contribute to the construction and development of Xiangtan University of Technology;

(4) Solid academic foundation, strong thirst for knowledge, with a research interest, possessing the political and cultural qualities required for teaching and research positions in higher education institutions;

(5) Master's degree or above in a professional technical position as a lecturer.

3、 Recruitment positions, plans, and requirements

Please refer to Attachment 1 for details

4、 Application process

Resume submission - Qualification review - Written test (including psychological test) - Interview (trial lecture) - Physical examination and assessment - Contract employment

5、 Welfare benefits

(1) It depends on the position, ability, comprehensive quality, education level, and professional title

(2) Other benefits: year-end bonus, purchase of five insurances and one fund (social insurance, housing provident fund), commercial insurance, holiday benefits, commuting shuttle bus, union benefits (birthday, holiday benefits, maternity condolences, hospitalization condolences, medical examination, family visit fees, etc.)

6、 Registration and Examination

(1) Registration method: Applicants are requested to download the job application form themselves and send it together with the attached registration materials (in compressed form) to( 15874199279@hngeelyedu.cn ). The format for naming the email subject and attachment compressed file is: "Job position - Graduation school - Name - Education - University Talent Network".

1. Please fill in Attachment 2 for administrative management positions; For teacher positions, please fill out Attachment 3;

(2) Registration materials:

①Application resume and college position application form;

②I have a valid resident ID card, professional title, education and degree certificate (all undergraduate and above degrees must be provided), the Electronic Registration and Filing Form for Academic Degrees issued by the Ministry of Education (within the validity period), and other materials proving my personal qualifications and abilities;

(3) Interview time and location: to be notified separately

7、 Contact information

1. School address: Xiangtan University of Technology, Xiangtan, Hunan (near Xiangtan North Station of the Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway)

2. Consultation hotline: 15874199279, contact person: Teacher Wang

8、 Attachment:

1、Attachment 1: List of Recruitment Positions, Plans, and Requirements for Xiangtan University of Technology in 2023. doc

2、Attachment 2: Administrative Position Application Form.docx

3、Attachment 3: Teacher Position Application Form.docx