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Please download the corresponding job application form and fill it out, and send it together with the following materials as an attachment (in compressed form) to the school's email address( 15874199279@hngeelyedu.cn )The naming format for the email subject and attachment compressed file is "Job Position Graduation School Name Education".

1. Please download Attachment 1 for administrative management positions; For teacher positions, please download Attachment 2. Personal resumes, research achievement lists, and other related materials can be packaged and sent together.

2. Personal documents and information required:

(1) ID card;

(2) Education and degree certificates;

(3) Teacher series qualification certificate or other series of professional title certificates;

(4) Other materials that can prove personal qualifications and abilities.

3. Interview.

The interview time will be notified separately, and all original application materials must be brought during the interview.