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Grand Farewell, Heading Towards the Next Journey!

XIT 2023/06/16 Readings:108

On June 15th at 19:00, amidst the cheers echoing across the vibrant campus, the "Dream Set Sail·No Farewell" 2023 Graduation Ceremony was held as scheduled at the track field of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, bidding farewell to the graduating students with the entire faculty and student body in attendance.


This marks the first batch of graduates since the transformation of Xiangtan Institute of Technology from an independent college to a regular undergraduate institution. For the students and faculty, this moment of laughter and parting holds extraordinary significance, as it is also the last batch of graduates from the North Jin College of Hunan University of Commerce.


Opening Dance: "Running, Senior Brothers and Sisters"

Four years ago today, with the innocence and shyness of youth, armed with firm ideals and beliefs, we gathered here. Today, we once again shoulder our bags, embarking on a brilliant tomorrow, stepping onto a journey of ever-new radiance.

Chapter One: "Energetic Youth"

1. Duet: "Chasing Dreams" - Teacher Chen Guolun & Class 1921 of Business English, Xiao Weihong

Meeting in early autumn, parting in midsummer, this grand encounter has spanned countless days and nights. Here, resonating with youth, aligning with art, and walking alongside the seasons, we relentlessly chase our dreams.

2. Instrumental Ensemble: "Huo Yuanjia" - Teacher Wang Jiaqi & Zheng Team of the University Art Troupe

Time loses its words, only music can be heard to find the way. This is the never-ending power of music, refreshing and captivating. With the beat of the drum, urgent as rain, the guzheng follows, tender and graceful. With perfect coordination, the stage is fully controlled, and after the performance, a lingering charm remains.

3. Grand Chorus: "Looking Up at the Stars" - Teacher Cheng Bozi & Classes 2206, 2207, 2208, 2209, 2210

The melody revolves gently but possesses the power to bring tears. The stars are not far, dreams are not far. As long as you tiptoe, the prime of life will not disappoint the new journey. Looking up at the stars, vibrant and rising, the melody depicts the profound friendship of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, emotionally singing towards the dream.

4. Group Dance: "The Last Stop" - Dance Team of Xiangtan Institute of Technology

Beauty is born in the dance, blossoming with persistence. On the stage, you are elegant like a song, vivid and bright, radiating with artistic vitality. Engraved in sweat and boundless love, embracing the light after the clouds disperse, we firmly believe that the sweat of youth will bear fruit.

Chapter Two: "Chasing Dreams, Sailing Far"


1. Solo: "Suddenly I Miss You" - Teacher Wang Jiaqi & Geely Band

Beautiful memories accompanied by emotional songs. Four years have passed in the blink of an eye, as if yesterday. The initial meeting, how sweet, how beautiful, how trusting, how crazy and passionate we were. Suddenly, I miss you, where will you be?

2. Dance: "Dear Traveler" - Dance Team of Xiangtan Institute of Technology Aerobics

As the music plays, the dance is graceful, under the starry sky, no words are needed. Everything is in the song, everything is in the dance. Let's bid farewell, dear traveler, with the wind and waves, carrying hope. Say goodbye, dear friend, no matter how far we go, let's not forget each other.

3. Song Medley: "To Youth" - Vocal Department of the University Art Troupe

If we could really travel through time, each moment would be eternal. Unfinished promises, secrets hidden in the heart. This time, let the whole world see clearly, unforgettable young times, running in touch, dancing in the dark night. Unforgettable stories taken away by flowing water, that was our most passionate past.

4. Stage Play: "My University Life" - Student Union of the School Art Committee

Listen to another lively class, open the dormitory door again, have another meal at the cafeteria, play another hearty ball game. These unforgettable old times will slowly turn into memories deep in our hearts.

5. Grand Chorus: "Pear Blossoms are Blooming Again" - Automation Class 2202, Vehicle Engineering Class 2202

One flower, one grass, one tree, walking again on the campus path. The sound of wind, rain, and cicadas can't hide the laughter. The white tree branches swaying, flower rain flying in the sky, the pear blossoms on the campus are blooming again. Remember to come back often when you have time.

All endings are written, all tears have set off. Youth is a book too hasty to finish, writing unforgettable memories in our hearts. Dear graduates of 2023, the wind and waves are fierce, the road is long and challenging. Carry the sincere blessings of your alma mater, maintain the unchanged love in your hearts, do not betray the vows of youth, do not forget what is cherished in your hearts. Head towards the next mountain and sea, may your journey be filled with blooming flowers. Until we meet again at the graduation ceremony tomorrow, we will be there with you, without fail!