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Embarking on a Mission! Hangzhou 19th Asian Games!

XIT 2023/09/12 Readings:136

"I will do my best, stand my ground, obey arrangements, follow deployment, collaborate, spread enthusiasm, dedicate sincerity, be meticulous and rigorous, and provide the best service for the transportation security work of the Asian Games." Thirty volunteers from Xiangtan Institute of Technology solemnly pledged.


On the afternoon of September 9th, the departure ceremony for Hangzhou Asian Games transportation security volunteers was held at the flag platform of Xiangtan University. Vice President Ma Weiping attended the departure ceremony and presented the flag to the volunteer team.


The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 23rd to October 8th, 2023. To ensure the success of the Asian Games, Xiangtan Institute of Technology has selected and recruited 30 university student volunteers. They will be involved in the transportation security work, shuttling athletes and guests between major hotels and the Asian Games Village.


As the theme song of the Hangzhou Asian Games played, the departure ceremony began, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Xiangtan Institute of Technology students. Full of confidence, the volunteers demonstrated the youthful vigor of Xiangtan Institute of Technology students and pledged to contribute their youthful strength to the Hangzhou Asian Games.


Vice President Ma Weiping handed over the flag, symbolizing the mission and responsibility, to the representative of the volunteer team and delivered a mobilization speech. He emphasized that the Hangzhou Asian Games is the largest and highest-level international comprehensive sports event held in China after the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The volunteer activities for the transportation security of the Hangzhou Asian Games represent the image of the country and the university. He hopes that the students will carry forward the spirit of sports, work hard, be brave in the face of difficulties, and successfully complete the transportation security volunteer work for the Hangzhou Asian Games!

To qualify for the selection of Hangzhou Asian Games transportation security volunteers, Wang Fengting from the Class of 2024 Accounting collected a large amount of relevant information about the Asian Games online and passed language exams to improve her own qualifications and language proficiency. "I look forward to improving my interpersonal communication skills and my ability to work independently in this Asian Games, contributing to this international event," said Liu Rongrong from the Class of 2024 Accounting.


"Even though it seems distant, our goal is to contribute to the future of the country." Zhang Jiangkai from the Class of 2023 Computer Science expressed gratitude for the valuable social practice opportunities provided by the school and the group. He, representing all the volunteers, pledged to provide high-quality volunteer service experiences for guests with 100% enthusiasm, showcase the charm of Xiangtan Institute of Technology students with 100% confidence, and maintain a high level of discipline with 100% focus, demonstrating the social responsibility of the school and the group.

In unity, they dream together, blending the enthusiasm of Xiangtan Institute of Technology and conveying the warmth of Geely.

As an official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Geely Holding Group, along with its brands such as Geely, Lynk & Co, and Zeekr, has provided more than 2,000 intelligent premium vehicle models. Additionally, more than 2,000 full-time drivers from companies such as Cao Cao Travel and Yao Travel, along with 30 volunteers from Xiangtan Institute of Technology, are officially joining the Hangzhou Asian Games, efficiently initiating event transportation security services.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, athletes and guests from various countries can experience the automatic driving technology and intelligent network connection technology of Geely's new green and intelligent vehicle models. Geely's Star Wisdom Calculation Center will provide a fully intelligent driving solution for the Asian Games team. Geely Holding's commercial aerospace company, Spacetime Odyssey, will provide star-based high-precision positioning services for all official designated vehicles of the Asian Games. This ensures real-time and accurate display of the location information of each Asian Games official designated vehicle on the map, achieving precise management and dispatch of vehicles.

The 30 volunteers from Xiangtan Institute of Technology will cooperate with the Asian Games transportation security team, responsible for the transportation security work of more than 2,000 vehicles, over 1,000 drivers, and 6 offline dispatch points, assisting in the intelligent and safe travel for the Asian Games. "When I learned about these numbers, I realized that this work is not easy, and I also understood the responsibility I bear," said volunteer Zhang Lin. "Integrating knowledge and skills in practice and bringing glory to Xiangtan, safeguarding the Hangzhou Asian Games!"

To set sail, with firm confidence and faith, jointly attending the world's invitation.


On September 11th, student volunteers and teachers arrived smoothly in Hangzhou. At Geely Building Baochu Classroom, Ji Hongtao, the executive commander of the Hangzhou Asian Games transportation security command, introduced the basic situation of the Asian Games transportation security dispatch system to the student volunteers and emphasized the responsibilities of the volunteer positions.

In the afternoon, the volunteers immediately went to the hotels where athletes and guests from various countries stayed and the round-trip route to the Asian Games Village, carefully inspecting and communicating the shuttle routes, familiarizing themselves with the volunteer work process and tasks, ensuring the provision of convenient transportation security services.


"Organizing every order received, dispatching every vehicle, coordinating every driver, ensuring that every guest can smoothly take the car to reach the destination. Every link in this process is crucial. It not only tests our personal observational and communication abilities but is also closely related to the organizational and coordination abilities of the team," said Zhang Lin, a member of the Intercontinental Group. After a day of training and inspection, she has a basic understanding of the entire work process, believing that she will become proficient in the entire work process through subsequent practice.

Ji Youyu, the leader and secretary of the school's Youth League Committee, said that the youth league organization will give full play to its functions of leading, mobilizing, and serving in the Hangzhou Asian Games transportation security work. They will contribute the "youth power" to the Hangzhou Asian Games, provide efficient and professional volunteer services for athletes and guests from all over the world, help tell the story of China, the Asian Games, and Geely, and showcase the vigorous youth of Xiangtan Institute of Technology in the new era.