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Life is beautiful because of individuality: Xiangtan Institute of Technology holds the opening ceremony for the freshmen of 2023

XIT 2023/09/28 Readings:141

The sky is vast, the autumn is high, and the air is pure. On the morning of September 27th, the opening ceremony for the freshmen of 2023 at Xiangtan Institute of Technology was grandly held at the school's track and field. Professor Yuan Libin, the President of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, Professor Ma Weiping, the Vice President, and all the leaders, department heads, teachers, and freshman advisors attended the ceremony together with the freshmen of 2023 to witness this important moment. The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Chan, the secretary of the school's party committee.

Introduction: Youth sets sail, shining on the journey!

The ceremony began with various warm-up activities. The recitation of the spirit of Hunan and Xiangtan by teachers from the School of Humanities and Arts was touching. The cheerful rhythm and familiar melody of the song "The First Day" marked the beginning of youth. Teachers sang passionately, demonstrating the school's unparalleled humanistic care. Students from Xiangtan Institute of Technology, dressed in Yi ethnic costumes, delivered a line, "Wumeng Mountain connects mountain after mountain," and the atmosphere exploded with the song "Madame She Xiang." The song "The Wind Rises" took dreams to the sky, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and love, even in the face of ups and downs. The video short film "Welcome, New Students!" showcased the rich and colorful campus life at Xiangtan Institute of Technology and the warm welcome from the entire school to the freshmen of 2023. Students looked forward to the university life they were about to embark on.

The national anthem played, and the red flag fluttered. In the solemn sound of the national anthem, the ceremony began, and the freshmen, with determined eyes and a spirited attitude, welcomed the future challenges. The ceremony marked the moment when the footprints of youth blossomed.

Freshmen's Speech: The road is long, but we will get there!

Wang Siqi from Chinese Class 2307 is about to write her own youthful chapter at Xiangtan Institute of Technology. As the representative of the freshmen, she mentioned that on the future path of learning, one should "be able to learn, sit down to study, and stand up straight."


Firstly, she emphasized the importance of improving one's quality and seizing opportunities. "As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement. The earth's condition is receptive devotion," she quoted, stressing the need to elevate one's ideological and moral character, cultivate a sound personality, and broaden one's horizons. It is essential to grasp opportunities, showcase oneself, and exercise self-discipline.


Secondly, she encouraged self-discipline and kindness toward others. In interactions, unity and mutual assistance should prevail. The diverse personalities among us contribute to a vibrant university life. Embracing inclusivity and fostering a harmonious and humble learning atmosphere collectively create a beautiful and harmonious campus.


Lastly, she urged clarity of goals and diligence in learning and thinking. Improving learning abilities, expanding knowledge, updating knowledge structures, and persisting in progress are crucial for shining on the new stage and overcoming challenges in the chosen path.

Teacher's Speech: Seize the opportunity, much can be achieved!

Liu Xuan, Associate Professor of the School of Automotive Engineering, shared three personal insights about university life:


Firstly, university is a crucial period for learning professional knowledge and cultivating professional competence. It is a time that can significantly widen the gap between individuals. Students should cherish their time in university, take their studies seriously, and be well-prepared individuals.


Secondly, he emphasized the importance of slowing down, cultivating a habit of proactive learning, setting small goals regularly, and planning, implementing, and summarizing these goals.


Thirdly, he encouraged students to combine book knowledge with practical experience. Real knowledge comes from practice, learning from others with an open mind, and being receptive to different perspectives.


He advised new students to cherish their four years in university, strive to become Xiangtan Institute of Technology students with both knowledge and practical skills, and look forward to a vibrant and fulfilling university life.

Passing on the Torch: Solemn oath, wearing the school emblem!

With resounding vows, every word carries immense weight. Led by Wang Kai from the New Energy Class 2302, all freshmen solemnly pledged: "I strive to be a good youth who loves the country, has lofty ideals, integrates knowledge and action, pursues excellence, possesses good character, seeks progress, promotes unity and friendship, and is confident and self-reliant." The oath not only moved every student's heart but also represented a collective cry of dedication to the school, the country, and the responsibilities of the times.


Subsequently, on stage, with smiles on their faces, the school leaders helped six student representatives wear the school emblem. Underneath, the freshmen of 2023, filled with pride and a sense of responsibility, proudly wore the school emblem on their chests. This symbolizes that the new students will share the glory and responsibilities of Xiangtan Institute of Technology. The school emblem on their chests will become a common label for "Xiangtan Institute of Technology students," marking the beginning of a new chapter and the pursuit of dreams.

President's Address: Create individuality, enhance abilities!

President Yuan warmly welcomed the arrival of the freshmen of 2023 in his speech. Introducing three stages of life, he analyzed Xiangtan Institute of Technology's CFAP education model in-depth, considering the new domestic and international socio-economic development situation. President Yuan emphasized that during the university stage, students should strive to refine their individuality and enhance their abilities.


President Yuan pointed out that the first stage of life is from birth to basic education in primary and secondary schools, from 0 to 1. The task during this stage is to learn culture, build a solid foundation, pursue standard answers, achieve good grades, and enter a good university. The second stage is university life, where the focus shifts from transforming the foundation of primary and secondary education into various abilities, from 1 to many. The key during this stage is to develop personality and strengths to adapt to the future society. The third stage is entering society, where abilities are transformed into value through work and practice. Society is diverse and complex, and the transition from university to society is from many to many. Multifaceted thinking is required to solve complex problems and create value.


From these three stages, President Yuan hoped that students would no longer pursue standard answers at the university but seek various answers. "Life is beautiful because of individuality, not because of commonality and brilliance." During the university stage, each student should develop their own highlights and strengths, striving to create their individuality and shape various abilities.


President Yuan stressed that shaping one's abilities must align with societal needs and the requirements of the times to enhance oneself continually. The world is undergoing significant changes, and the post-World War II world order is being disrupted. After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party, has risen and become a globally influential major country. China's rise has changed the world's order, and artificial intelligence is also changing the world.


Correspondingly, the education model is changing. Present-day education focuses on cultivating emotional intelligence and enhancing abilities rather than merely imparting knowledge to students. The young people of the Z generation must learn to coexist with artificial intelligence, seeking and exploring things that artificial intelligence cannot solve. This is our true competitive advantage and an irreplaceable capability.

He introduced the school's CFAP education model to all new students. The first aspect is character. Character is a strength that confronts any uncertainty and tumultuous changes. Where does character come from? It comes from rigorous training. The most prominent feature of the Hunan-Xiangtan spirit is having "ambition, backbone, and dominance." We must seek the source of strength and enhance and refine our character through challenging training.


The second aspect is foundational skills. These are essential abilities that individuals need throughout their lives and frequently use. The body is the most precious asset, and the school places great importance on physical education, requiring everyone to "exercise for one hour every day." The goal is for all students to develop strong bodies to contribute to the country's health for 60 years. Additionally, students need to cultivate independent living skills—resolving disputes and conflicts through civilized communication instead of resorting to fists or violence, adjusting one's psychological state while enduring various grievances, and maintaining a calm mindset. These are all training for foundational skills.

The third aspect is the ability to take action. When doing something, one should take immediate action instead of hesitating or waiting passively. University is a stage where individuals pursue personality and differences, requiring proactive actions rather than relying solely on imagination. The entire school is advancing the "project-based" teaching reform, allowing students to participate in various project groups, providing opportunities for practical experience, hands-on work, and cultivating the habit of taking action.


The fourth aspect is professional competence. Tasks should be approached with a professional mindset and carried out to perfection. This aligns with the school motto "Integrate Knowledge with Action, Strive for Excellence." Completing a task to 90% is not considered successful; the real key is to move from 90% to 100% competence. He hopes that the entire school—teachers and students together—will work hard to cultivate talents capable of shouldering the responsibilities of the times.


Finally, the opening ceremony concluded with the collective singing of "Singing the Motherland" by all teachers and students. Students, a new movement of life has already begun! Looking forward to the future years, Xiangtan Institute of Technology and you will break through challenges together!

A person's life only has one youth. The present youth is meant for struggle, and the future youth is for reminiscence. Best wishes for a wonderful beginning to the students' university life. May your university life be deserving of a happy, striving, and proud lifetime.