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Joyful Life, Accompanied by Geely

XIT 2023/10/12 Readings:141

In the midst of the "Golden September and Silver October," a prime period for graduates seeking employment, on October 10th, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group conducted a recruitment event at Hunan University of Technology. The lecture hall at the library attracted more than 500 students, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere.

"Attract the world's attention to China, and China's attention to Geely." During the presentation, Yang Liu, the Director of Human Resources at Geely Holding Group·Hunan Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., showcased Geely's core competitiveness and innovation capabilities within the industry. She introduced Geely's corporate culture, development history, industrial layout, development advantages, talent development framework, and more. Additionally, she provided detailed explanations about career advancement opportunities, benefits, talent cultivation, and position requirements.


Director Yang emphasized Geely's demand for talent and the opportunities in the future development of the Chinese automotive industry. She expressed great anticipation for establishing connections with outstanding students through this recruitment event and encouraged them to bravely pursue their dreams, envisioning them as future partners in the professional field.

Students expressed that the presentation not only broadened their horizons but also enhanced their understanding of the dynamics of the Chinese automotive industry. It provided valuable guidance and experience for their career development. After the presentation, many students, dressed in formal attire and armed with carefully crafted resumes, participated in interviews, eagerly hoping to become a part of the Geely Group and contribute to the development of the national automotive industry.