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Triumphant Return! New Breakthrough in Hunan Province College Student Mathematics Competition!

XIT 2023/12/07 Readings:141

Recently, the 2023 Hunan Province College Student Mathematics Competition concluded successfully. Fourteen students from Xiangtan Institute of Technology returned triumphantly, winning one first prize, three second prizes, and ten third prizes at the provincial level. Huang Dan from the School of Digital Technology was awarded the Outstanding Coach of the Competition.


The National College Student Mathematics Competition began in 2009 and is one of the most influential high-level subject competitions for undergraduate students in China. The Hunan Provincial Competition was held on November 11, 2023, with a total of 5,336 students from 45 universities across the province participating, including 795 students in Category A of mathematical majors, 1125 students in Category B of mathematical majors, 3015 students in Category A of non-mathematical majors, and 401 students in Category B of non-mathematical majors.


After two rounds of campus and selection competitions, Xiangtan Institute of Technology selected 30 students with outstanding qualities from 221 seeded players to form the provincial competition training team. To this end, the School of Digital Technology of Xiangtan Institute of Technology formed a coaching team with rich competition experience, actively discussed the teaching reform of mathematics courses, cultivated talents, served teaching, and provided high-quality competition service guidance and consultation for the participants.


Regarding the preparation for the mathematics competition, there are mainly three aspects. Firstly, the mentoring team of the School of Digital Technology provides online Q&A and offline tutoring simultaneously. Secondly, the School of Digital Technology insists on training students' mathematical thinking through the competition project system, guiding students to find breakthroughs in problems, and actively seeking solutions and countermeasures. Finally, it focuses on cultivating students' carefulness, patience, firm psychological quality, and perseverance, which are crucial factors for breakthroughs in mathematics competitions.

Li Liang, the winner of the first prize, recalled, "At the beginning, I was really confused because the competition questions were unpredictable, and solving them was a tedious and meticulous process. Fortunately, the teachers in the college patiently answered our questions, greatly improving my thinking and decision-making abilities in practical situations."


"Competition is not only about testing mathematical theory knowledge but also a comprehensive examination of students' innovative thinking abilities. The secret to winning is to accumulate knowledge and skills, build on a solid foundation of subject knowledge, orientate towards innovative thinking, and integrate theory with practice, so as to apply the knowledge learned freely," said Professor Luo Zhiming, Dean of the School of Digital Technology.


The outstanding achievements in the mathematics competition reflect Xiangtan Institute of Technology's efforts in promoting the cultivation of mathematical talents, enhancing the reform of innovative talent cultivation models, and the foundation of mathematics talent cultivation plan. This competition fully demonstrates the quality of talent cultivation and the achievements of teaching reform in the mathematics discipline of Xiangtan Institute of Technology.