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@XITers! "Baby Bus" is here! Get on board!

XIT 2023/12/14 Readings:133

"Driver, to the subway entrance, to Wimbledon, to the Fifth Teaching Building. Early at seven, late at nine, liberate your legs. Stop as soon as you call, get on and off at will. Xiangtan Institute of Technology "Baby Bus" is here! Are you having trouble getting around? Are you about to be late for class? Is it too dangerous to ride an electric bike? Alright, alright, alright! "Baby Bus" is here to solve your problems! On November 27th, the shuttle bus of Xiangtan Institute of Technology officially started operation.


"SpongeBob" warms hearts. At 8:00 in the morning, "Princess and Prince, please get on the bus!" The driver's cute and interesting ritual "attack" instantly invigorates the "extremely sleepy" students, and the carriage is filled with laughter and joy.

Xiangtan Institute of Technology may not have "Auntie with Goose Legs", but it has the "SpongeBob" who volunteered to come to Xiangtan Institute of Technology from Science and Technology University — Jiang Xintao. "Uncle, I really miss you!" Letting students who have just met him for less than half a month miss him so much is because Uncle Jiang's warmth is hidden in the details. When he sees a student holding a cake on the roadside, he happily shouts "Happy Birthday" to her; when a student waves, he hurriedly runs to the "Baby Bus" to wait for her; the cute tone and the silly smile bring warmth to Xiangtan students in the winter; Jiang Xintao, like "SpongeBob," is enthusiastic about everything, carrying students to the next stop of their Xiangtan learning life.

"Baby Bus" makes commuting more convenient. At 17:30, when the bell rings for the end of class, four shuttle buses line up outside Building 2, and students swarm onto them. "Fewer buses, more people, and seats are in high demand during peak hours." Some students even invite friends to sit on their laps.


The name "Baby Bus" may seem childish to elementary school students, but it's just right for college students. When it comes to the nickname of the shuttle bus, Xiangtan students all understand. "Baby Bus" makes commuting at Xiangtan Institute of Technology more convenient. Tang Shiya, a student from Class 2301 of Robotics, smiles and says, "The distance that used to take more than ten minutes to walk can now be reached in two or three minutes." Getting parcels, moving luggage, going to meetings... also saves time. "Introducing shuttle buses reduces the number of electric bike collisions, students are at ease, and parents are reassured," said the school leaders when they saw the students on the shuttle bus.


Shuttling around the campus, green and environmentally friendly. At Xiangtan Institute of Technology, "charge overnight, last a day, at least 80 trips per day" is the advantage of the shuttle bus. "No noise, no exhaust, stop as soon as you wave" has received rave reviews from students. Jiang Xintao recalled the welcoming of new students in September, "the campus is clean and tidy, there are few vehicles, and the traffic is safe." Liking the green campus has become the main reason for him to choose Xiangtan Institute of Technology, and he also hopes to drive the "Baby Bus" to become a promoter of green travel. Currently, the green and environmentally friendly shuttle buses are in the trial operation stage, with only four shuttle buses temporarily. In the future, route stations, number of vehicles, and fare standards will be adjusted according to the needs and satisfaction of teachers and students. Signs may be made, and an app may be developed to help teachers and students take the bus, making every effort to satisfy teachers and students.