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Full Scholarship! Recruiting Exchange Students to Germany!

XIT 2024/04/21 Readings:126

In order to vigorously promote international education and facilitate international exchanges and cooperation, according to the cooperation agreement signed between Xiangtan Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen in Germany, the university plans to select 2 outstanding students to study abroad in Germany for one semester in autumn 2024, with full tuition waiver. The relevant matters are notified as follows:


Selection Criteria:

1. Excellent academic performance, practical ability, and innovation ability ranking top among all students; outstanding full-time students who are interested in broadening their horizons, enhancing their abilities, and gaining knowledge through international exchange programs.

2. Strong English proficiency, capable of adapting to full English-language instruction, proficient in English written and oral expression, and able to meet the language requirements of their respective majors.

3. Physically and mentally healthy, with no sick leave of six months or more during their schooling period, and strong independent living ability to adapt to the cultural environment of Germany and Europe.

4. Families with certain financial capabilities, able to bear the cost of accommodation and living expenses during the stay in Germany.

5. Priority given to majors in mechanical engineering, computer science, and business management; priority given to second and third-year students.


Application Period:

April 22, 2024, to April 26, 2024, from 8:00 to 17:00


Selection process:

Students who intend to participate in the selection process should prepare the following materials during the application period and submit them to the counselor or head teacher of their respective college. Late submissions will not be accepted.

(1) Fill out the "Application Approval Form for Studying Abroad" (see attachment). After obtaining the signatures of various departments and affixing the official seal, submit it to the Academic Affairs Office for review.

(2) Provide official transcripts of entrance examinations and academic performance during the schooling period (including the average annual credit points and affixed with the official seals of the college and the Academic Affairs Office).

(3) Relevant language proficiency certificates or examination certificates; proof of enrollment; health certificates issued by the college and certificates of no violations of laws and regulations on campus.

(4) Submit copies of certificates of awards in school-level and above competitions, formally published academic papers, and research projects at the university level or above during the schooling period (the original documents should be verified by the college before affixing the official seal on the copies).


The Student Affairs Office and the Academic Affairs Office will form a selection committee together with relevant departments within the university to conduct open inspections and selections. Those who pass the selection process can proceed with the application under the guidance of relevant departments of the university. Specific project information is subject to interpretation by the university's project director.


Xiangtan Institute of Technology attaches great importance to students' international learning and exchanges, striving to help students broaden their international horizons, engage in dialogues and exchanges with outstanding students worldwide, and cultivate high-level innovative talents with international competitiveness.


Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences is a first-class applied science university in Germany, with its mechanical engineering, information science, and business management majors ranking among the top in German universities. This is the first time the university has selected students to study abroad at international high-level universities, marking a significant move in advancing the globalization strategy of the university.


For the majority of students, this is not only a rare opportunity to study and exchange at prestigious German universities but also a significant challenge that places high demands on their language proficiency, professional skills, and innovation abilities! The opportunity is right in front of you, so sign up now!


Attachment: Application Approval Form for Studying Abroad

Introduction of the German University


Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences is a well-known public university located in the Black Forest region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. According to the 2014 evaluation by the German magazine "Wirtschaftswoche" and the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) on institutions in the German-speaking area (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), the university's economics, computer science, mechanical engineering, and media disciplines are at the top level among German universities.

The history of Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences can be traced back to the clock school established by Robert Gerwig in the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1850. In 1852, the school established the German Clock Museum in Furtwangen, which is still preserved today. After World War II, the school transformed into the Furtwangen (Black Forest) Engineering College. In 1971, as part of the reforms of higher education institutions in Germany, the school became Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences.


The university currently has three campuses: Furtwangen, Schwenningen, and Tuttlingen, offering majors such as industrial systems design, industrial manufacturing, computer engineering, electrical engineering, defense and security engineering, microsystems engineering, media informatics, online media, media computer science, general computer science, computer networks, advanced computer science, business economics, business management, international business administration, master of public administration, international business management, economic informatics, network economics, master of business information, and applied architecture. All majors have been evaluated and certified by well-known German evaluation institutions Acquin and Fibaa.


In 2007, the university's majors in "International Business Management" and "International Business Administration" were rated as "Five-Star Majors," a rarity in Germany. In 2008, its "International Business Management" major ranked third among all universities in Germany. In 2012, it ranked first in various international cooperation evaluations of German universities and was recognized as the best model of international cooperation among German universities. According to several social surveys and rankings of German universities conducted by prestigious magazines such as "Focus," "Wirtschaftswoche," and "Handelsblatt," the university has consistently remained on the list of Germany's best applied science universities.


In the "2022 Ranking of the Most Popular Universities in Germany" released by Studycheck, the largest university evaluation website in Germany, the university ranked fifth, surpassing prestigious institutions such as the Technical University of Munich.


The state of Baden-Württemberg, where Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences is located, is located in southwestern Germany, bordering Bavaria to the east, sharing Lake Constance with Austria and Switzerland to the south, bordering France to the west, and neighboring Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse to the north, similar to Guangdong Province in China, and is also the most economically developed region in Germany.


Its industries focus on machinery, automotive, electrical, chemical, optical, and precision instruments. Baden-Württemberg has a long cultural tradition, with the most universities in Germany located in the state. It is also the hometown of famous German poets Schiller and philosophers Hegel.


The biggest advantage of Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences lies in the deep integration of industry and education. The Black Forest region where the university is located not only boasts charming natural scenery but is also home to numerous top global research centers and headquarters of international companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Maybach, Bosch, Hugo Boss, SAP, Rado Watches, and HP (Europe). It is also the location of world-renowned companies such as International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Lorenz Standard Electronic AG, and Bürkert.


The Tuttlingen area is known as the "world capital of medical technology," with globally renowned medical device giants like B. Braun. More than half of these companies' headquarters are located in this area. Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences has always maintained close cooperation with these enterprises, providing students with excellent practical learning opportunities.