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Xiangtan Institute of Technology x Xiangtan Base: The "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club" is Established!

XIT 2023/12/20 Readings:152

On the afternoon of December 19th, Xiangtan Institute of Technology and Geely Automobile's Xiangtan Base held the unveiling ceremony of the "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club" and a large-scale thematic lecture event titled "The Car Maker Geely". Cheng Gang, Vice General Manager of Hunan Geely Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., Zhong Zhiping, Vice President of Xiangtan Institute of Technology, and Peng Qinghua, Dean of the School of Business, attended the event.



The "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club," jointly guided and established by Xiangtan Institute of Technology and Xiangtan Base, is a new attempt to carry out industry-education integration in the marketing direction. Using the club as a platform, the base initiates real needs of the automobile market to the club, and then the club organizes teachers and students to carry out comprehensive practices such as user needs insight, circle event planning, and new media production and communication, realizing sustainable and two-way empowerment for both schools and enterprises.


In his speech, Cheng Gang stated that the "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club" will strive to create opportunities and platforms for all teachers and students to "do real things," allowing students to have the ability to perceive "the warmth of the spring river" in advance, and more flexible thinking and behavior styles of "sailing with the wind." Xiangtan Institute of Technology and Xiangtan Base have always adhered to the principle of school-enterprise cooperation, oriented to enterprise needs, and actively explored new models, methods, and examples of industry-education integration through joint professional hosting, platform co-construction, and resource sharing.

Subsequently, Cheng Gang, Zhong Zhiping, and the attending leaders unveiled the "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club," marking a deep integration of school-enterprise cooperation, and closer cooperation in talent cultivation, marketing, and technological innovation.

Zhong Zhiping emphasized that Xiangtan Institute of Technology focuses on the forefront of industry and technology, fully utilizes the resources and advantages of the Geely automobile industry chain, and works hard on industry-education integration and collaborative innovation of production, learning, and research, actively exploring the "dual-subject" education mode of school-enterprise cooperation, and cultivating talents around the real economy, manufacturing industry, especially the automobile industry chain. The establishment of the "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club" is a very beneficial attempt.


After the unveiling ceremony, Sun Dawei, a gold-medal lecturer from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, gave a large-scale thematic lecture on "The Car Maker Geely" to the teachers and students present. He used a humorous and witty style to deeply interpret Geely's business strategy and development history from four aspects: brand concept, technological development, car-making experience, and corporate culture, showing the achievements of Geely as a leading enterprise in the Chinese automobile industry.


When Mr. Sun talked about Geely's flying cars, satellite projects, overseas acquisitions, shared cars, and being listed in the Fortune Global 500 for nine consecutive years, the teachers and students present burst into thunderous applause. He also encouraged students to have firm cultural confidence, establish a thinking mode of continuous emancipation of the mind and seeking truth from facts. At the same time, he also emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities in times of crisis for graduates, encouraging everyone to have confidence in the face of challenges and adhere to high-quality development.


The School of Business adheres to the educational concept of "developing new engineering and new business disciplines based on the 'automobile full industry chain'," actively explores the talent training model of business disciplines in the automobile industry, and has formed a variety of new school-enterprise cooperation paths with mutual integration of teachers, resources, and culture in majors such as marketing, accounting, and human resource management. The establishment of the "Automobile Digital Marketing Creative Club" will drive more professional thinking in the reform and innovation of talent training in the automobile industry, continuously seek breakthroughs in deepening cooperation and actively integrating.