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Dance Team! First Prize in the National Competition!

XIT 2023/12/27 Readings:149

The 2023 Chinese College Students Sports Dance Competition, sponsored by the Chinese College Students Sports Association, has come to a close, with Xiangtan Institute of Technology's sports dance team performing exceptionally well and winning the first prize in the Ordinary University Group A. In this competition, a total of 2,348 athletes from 119 universities across the country participated, setting a new record for the number of participants.

Led by Professor Li Yixiang, with coaches He Xin and Liang Ruojin, the Xiangtan Institute of Technology sports dance team consisted of 24 members. They competed in the same group as teams from 21 universities across the country. During the performance, the team members demonstrated their perfect interpretation of the music and their profound understanding of dance with neat and uniform movements and graceful postures. Their performance was not only full of youthful vitality and passion but also cleverly integrated aerospace elements, expressing the sports dance team's loyalty to the Party and their expectations for the future. It also demonstrated their spirit of pursuing excellence and scaling new heights. Despite facing many challenges, the Xiangtan Institute of Technology sports dance team finally broke through and lived up to expectations, ultimately winning the first prize with a high score of 90.67.


Since its establishment three years ago, the Xiangtan Institute of Technology sports dance team has grown from nothing to something, gradually developing and expanding. From the Sunshine Gymnastics Festival and the Hunan Province College Students Championship in 2021, to the Hunan Province College Students Games in 2022, and now to the Chinese College Students Sports Dance Competition this year, the team members have continuously pushed themselves, gradually showing their strong strength from provincial to national competitions. The sports dance team has always adhered to the belief of "inheritance." The senior members lead by example, emphasizing dedication and actively helping new members. The new team captain and vice-captain have also carried forward the responsibilities and management spirit of the former captain and vice-captain, remaining modest and striving to build the sports dance team into a professional team with excellent style.


Coach Liang Ruojin said, "According to the law of attraction, only those who are on the same frequency can move forward together! We accompany the students to grow together, which is something we must do our best to achieve." She emphasized that although the students are not professional dancers, their goal is to demonstrate the level of professional players as long as they step on the stage.

Xiangtan Institute of Technology comprehensively implements the educational policy of developing students' morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, and labor skills, attaches great importance to quality education, and promotes the reform of the CFAP applied talent training model. The school takes student sports work as a breakthrough point, advocates for students to "exercise for one hour every day," supports students in establishing various sports clubs, encourages students to participate in sports activities, and achieves good educational results through hard work and practice.