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Focusing on the cultivation of innovative talents! Xiangtan Institute of Technology held its 2023 year-end study meeting.

XIT 2024/01/11 Readings:140

From January 8th to 11th, Xiangtan Institute of Technology held a four-day year-end faculty and staff study meeting, further discussing how to deepen educational reform, cultivate innovative talents, and continuously improve the quality of education and teaching.

On January 9th, President Yuan Libin delivered a keynote report titled "Clarifying Goals, Strengthening Foundations, and Continuously Improving the Quality of Education and Teaching," conducting in-depth exchanges with everyone on five aspects: the school's educational goals, educational philosophy, teaching basic engineering, basic engineering of educating and nurturing talents, and basic engineering of teachers' growth.


President Yuan pointed out that as an applied university, the school's educational goal is to cultivate innovative talents. He analyzed the successful experience of Olin College in the United States and focused on the three main characteristics of innovative talents: professional foundation, curiosity, and inner drive. He asked everyone to liberate their thinking, subvert traditional concepts, and boldly explore new paths of educational reform around this goal.


He emphasized that all work of the school, especially teaching and student work, should always revolve around the overall goal of cultivating applied talents. He urged a change in mindset, using the ability to cultivate socially satisfactory innovative talents as the sole criterion to assess our level of education and the quality of education. He also made specific requirements regarding project-based teaching reform, collaborative education with industry, academia, and research, teacher teaching norms, educating and nurturing norms, curriculum and major construction, etc., outlining the overall thinking for the new semester's work.

This study meeting took the form of on-site observation, concentrated learning, and special seminars, with rich and in-depth exchanges. During the period, faculty and staff actively participated in various seminar activities, discussing new concepts and methods in education and teaching. Tanzhou Academy and the School of Digital Technology shared their experiences in CFAP project management and student management respectively. At the same time, everyone also delved into the "Undergraduate Main Teaching Link Standards" and other quality management documents to further clarify the standards and requirements of education and teaching quality.


On the morning of the 11th, the study meeting also arranged a test on the basic knowledge of teaching quality standards to assess the faculty's grasp of key knowledge such as the quality standards of the main teaching links and project-based teaching reform, strengthening quality awareness, and promoting the construction of a quality culture in the school. The test results will serve as an important reference for the personal development of faculty and staff, motivating everyone to continue learning and improving.


In the afternoon of the 11th, at the study summary meeting, five teachers, including Wen Chuangxin from the School of Digital Technology, Kong Jing from the University Student Employment Guidance and Service Center, Ji Furong from the School of Business, Bao Jingqi from the School of Humanities and Arts, and Huang Wenjuan from the School of Foreign Languages, shared their learning experiences and introduced their experiences in educational reform.



Secretary Zhao Chan, when presiding over the meeting, required all faculty and staff to adhere to the central task of moral education, unify their thinking, concentrate their efforts, be rigorous and self-disciplined, and according to the school's unified deployment, focus on the overall goal of cultivating innovative talents, comprehensively promote education and teaching reform with project-based teaching as the core, continuously improve the quality of education and teaching, and make new contributions to realizing the beautiful blueprint of Hunan's "Three Highs and Four News."