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Xiangtan Institute of Technology Launches Tree-Planting Activity to Build a Green Campus

XIT 2024/03/12 Readings:140

With spring giving birth to all things and sowing hope, on March 12th, Arbor Day, the Xiangtan Institute of Technology's Party Branch of the Administrative Office, together with the Party members of the Business School's faculty and staff branch, carried out a themed party day activity titled "Building a Green Campus, Sharing Clean Water and Blue Sky" on the vacant land next to the school's teaching building. School Party Secretary Zhao Chan and other leaders attended the event and planted trees together with the Party members.

At the event, everyone had clear divisions of labor, coordinated tacitly, and diligently performed tasks such as shoveling soil, fertilizing, planting seedlings, cultivating soil, and watering. Each process was done meticulously, with constant exchange of labor experiences, creating a bustling scene of busy work. All the lush foliage stems from the steadfast original intention. The tree-planting activity made everyone feel that people should be like seedlings, rooting downwards and growing upwards. Party members expressed their appreciation, stating that participating in the tree-planting activity in this beautiful spring not only exercises the body but also deepens everyone's concept of ecological civilization. It has planted a beautiful scenery for the school, truly accomplishing the feeling of "planting the entire spring with one's own hands."


Yan Liu, a teacher from the Business School's faculty and staff Party branch, said, "In the past Arbor Days, I used to go out for a spring outing to feel nature. But this tree-planting activity arranged by the branch made me feel it was of extraordinary significance." Planting trees can not only green the campus environment and improve air quality but also exercise the body. Chen Huahong, a teacher from the Administrative Office's Party branch, believes that "planting trees requires skill. For different species of trees, different maintenance methods should be adopted according to their habits, using appropriate methods according to local conditions; similarly, for teaching, one needs to teach students according to their aptitude. Each student has their own personality and characteristics, and we cannot expect every student to perform equally well. The most important thing is to tap into students' potential and achieve their life values!"


A new seedling, a spade of soil, a ladle of clear water, is a heartfelt dedication, a meticulous greening, and more so, a vision and expectation of "desiring to plant a tall tree for the sky." The successful launch of the tree-planting event at Xiangtan Institute of Technology not only demonstrates the school's teachers' adherence to the original intention of "cultivating people as one would grow trees over ten years," but also actively practices the school's motto of "integrating knowledge and action, and pursuing excellence" in environmental protection.