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"The Endeavour Cup" Kicks Off! Exciting Football Matches Await!

XIT 2024/03/23 Readings:130

In the warm spring day, amid bustling crowds,

With high spirits and dreams on the green field,

The thrilling football matches are here!

On the afternoon of March 19th at 2:30 p.m.,

The 3rd "Endeavour Cup" Football Tournament of Xiangtan Institute of Technology

Officially opened at the school's football field.

Xiangtan Institute of Technology deeply implements the CFAP talent training concept, encouraging students to actively participate in sports, develop good exercise habits, and improve their physical health and comprehensive quality. As an annual regular competition, this year marks the successful third year of the "Endeavour Cup" being held.

Watch the exciting opening ceremony,

The red flag waving in the wind, the national anthem resounding loudly,

Under the sunshine, all members have determined gazes.


Enjoy the dynamic dances and lively music,

The aerobics team presents a wonderful performance with flower balls,

Cheering and cheering for the athletes.

Vice President Professor Zhong Zhiping delivered a passionate speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that holding football matches is of great significance for enriching campus culture and cultivating builders and successors of the socialist cause of comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty, and labor. He advocated that students should exercise for an hour every day to enhance their physical fitness, live a healthy life, and make sports an important part of their lives.


Under the national flag, athlete representative Zhang Ziwei and referee representative Tang Guogao solemnly swore to strictly follow the various requirements of the competition, maintain a good competitive demeanor, and uphold fair discipline to ensure that the competition is exciting and successful.


"Now, I announce that the 3rd 'Endeavour Cup' Football Tournament of Xiangtan Institute of Technology is now beginning!" Professor Li Yixiang, Dean of the School of Education, announced the start of the competition.


Watch the fierce competition,

This "Endeavour Cup" has eight teams participating,

Tanzhou Academy nominates three teams, the School of Digital Technology selects two teams, and the School of Business dispatches two teams.

The School of Humanities and Arts, the School of Automotive Engineering, and the School of Foreign Languages form a joint team.

The competition starts on March 19th and is expected to last until April 2nd.

With a combination of round-robin and elimination matches,

The teams are full of fighting spirit, competing for the championship.

The first game is an exhibition match,

Between Xiangli University's team and Jili University's team.

The whistle blows, clearing the field,

Both teams take their positions,

The exciting match is about to begin.

Red and blue sides are fully focused,

Closely contested, pursuing relentlessly,

High-spirited, bravely striving,

Each step is like a dragon entering the sea,

Each kick is like a bow shooting the autumn moon.


A shuttle in the green field,

Efficient cooperation, perfect tacit understanding,

On the field, the pace is relentless,

In the stands, the applause is continuous,

Chasing, running, scoring!

What a thrilling and satisfying match!


After intense competition,

The Xiangli University team and the Jili University team tied at 2:2.

The first game ended joyfully amidst warm applause.

Listen to what they're saying,

Athlete - Telecom 2101 Class, He Yang.

He Yang has been playing football since elementary school and joined the Xiangli University team after entering college, which greatly enriched his campus life. He believes that football teaches us to strive for victory and also teaches us to persevere and be brave in the face of mistakes and setbacks.

"Life is like football, you won't always score, but you will keep running on the road. I really enjoy the joy and challenge it brings me," He Yang said firmly.

Athlete - Advertising 2301 Class, Zhang Ziwei.

After entering university, Zhang Ziwei felt that the football atmosphere at Xiangtan Institute of Technology was very strong, and here he found many like-minded teammates. "Football is a team sport, so the most important thing in daily training is mutual assistance among teammates; on the competition field, we must cooperate closely with each other and dare to fight." He hopes to achieve a good result for Tanzhou Academy and himself in this "Endeavour Cup"!


Football professional teacher and competition planner - School of Education, Liu Dian.

"At the start of the match, everyone's enthusiasm was very high; when assigning tasks to each group, everything went smoothly, and I felt that the players of each team were full of enthusiasm... This made me see the 'spring' of Xiangli football." Teacher Liu Dian said. In his daily football teaching, Liu Dian often uses methods such as language questioning and group practice to improve the vividness of the classroom, pays attention to the cultivation of students' various abilities and qualities, and encourages students to be vigorous and intelligent individuals. "Football emphasizes practice, and my goal is to effectively promote the practical effect of the classroom through multiple dimensions."


It's not just a game, it's also youth,

A football match full of vitality,

A heart full of passion, shouts of encouragement,

XITers gather here to encourage each other,

For their inner passion,

For their dream pursuit,

Achieving a unique life acceleration on the field.


Follow-up matches are exciting and colorful,

See you at the football field!