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Introduction to the Department of Mental Education

XIT 2022/06/18 Readings:1214

1、 Introduction to the Student Autonomous Organization's Department of Mental Education

The Student Autonomous Organization and Psychological Education Department of Xiangtan University of Technology mainly focuses on the various pressures and confusions faced by contemporary college students under the new situation, aiming to help students solve various psychological problems, and enable them to face learning and life with a more optimistic and proactive perspective. It is a solid force for peer assistance. The main tasks are as follows:

1) Promote and popularize the knowledge of psychology, improve the mental health level and psychological literacy of all students in the college.

2) Actively collaborate with the school's psychological inquiry center to carry out activities.

3) By carrying out various forms of activities, learning, promoting and popularizing psychological knowledge, improving student literacy, tapping into potential, improving oneself, and continuously increasing students' psychological resilience.

2. Guidance Teacher of the Department of Mental Education: Peng Ze, Director of the Mental Health Education Center

3. Members of the Second Cardiology Department:

(1) Main cadres: Minister Zhang Manli, Deputy Minister Zhou Yujin, Minister of Planning Song Jing, Minister of Practice Yi Qibin, Deputy Minister of Practice Liu Xinhua, Minister of Propaganda Wu Xia, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Li Xueqin, Minister of Finance Song Yilu, Minister of Secretary Zou Yanyuan

(2) Other members: Bin Yaqian, Wang Jiao, Li Wenjing, Yang Yuxin from the Planning Department

Practice Department Tan Panpan, Zou Siyi, Liu Xilian, He Yang, Liang Ling

Hu Huijiao, Deng Jingyao, Jia Xiaoqin, and Li Chengjun from the Propaganda Department

Finance Department Chen Lirui and Lu Wenjia

Hu Die and Yan Huan from the Secretariat Department

4. Activities to be carried out: Mental Health Essay Exhibition, Psychological Film Exhibition, Mental Health Graffiti Exhibition, Mental Health Class Meeting Achievement Exhibition, Training Camp (Self Control Training Camp, Anti Defeat Training Camp, Emotional Management Training Camp, Interpersonal Relations Training Camp, Adaptability Training Camp)

2、 Event information release

See attachment: The First "5.25" College Student Mental Health Theme Education Activity Plan of Xiangtan University of Technology

3、 Event report release

1. Xiangtan Daily: Xiangtan Institute of Technology: Launching "Sunshine Escort" Psychological Training http://xtrb.xtol.cn/xtrbpc/content/202111/04/c60750.html

2. Xiangtan Daily: Xiangtan University and Xiangtan Institute of Technology strengthen cooperation in mental health education http://xtrb.xtol.cn/xtrbpc/content/202203/10/c68120.htmlhttps://m.voc.com.cn/wxhn/article/202203/202203171628065864.html

3. Xinhua News Agency client: Xiangtan University of Technology: Emotional Management under the Epidemic: Being Your Own Psychologist https://xhpfmapi.xinhuaxmt.com/vh512/share/10704947?channel=weixin